Food Foreplay

As part of the erotic journey that is your night of hotel sex, engage every sense: hearing, sight, smell, touch, and, of course, taste. Adding food into the mix can involve most of these senses and many erogenous zones. What makes food and hotel sex a particularly great combination is that room service provides easy access to whatever may strike your fancy and housekeeping can deal with the mess afterwards. Take your night of hotel sex to experiment with the many different and sensual ways food can interact with the human body.

Sexy Food and Mouths. Your tongue is a wonderful sex organ all on its own, not only because of all the fun things it can do but also because of all the things it can taste and feel. You have about 10,000 taste buds on your tongue that allow you to experience the basic sensations of sweet, salty, sour and bitter. These are further augmented by the olfactory sensors in the upper part of the nose, which allow you to enjoy all the subtle flavours of life. The tongue, lips and mouth also have many, many nerve endings allowing them to revel in the textures and feeling of food, not to mention kissing and licking.

Sexy Food and Skin. Your skin is the biggest erogenous zone on your body; its nerve endings make touch a powerful sense and one that is constantly engaged in the act of lovemaking. Edible substances such as ice, champagne, honey and whipped cream each present the skin with exciting and different sensations. These can be further enhanced with the application of a well-placed tongue.

Sexy Food and Genitalia. When it comes to this area of the body, a word of caution - the genitals of either sex are, of course, some of the most sensitive parts of human anatomy. Extra care must be taken when combining these body parts and food. The practicality is that while a variety of foods can be inserted into a lot of holes in these areas, the reality is that a lot of damage can be done this way. (Here is a great article on a wide variety of safety issues when using food for sex play At the very least there can be a lot of unwelcome discomfort created (take it from me - granulated sugar from a donut combined with the sensitive skin of a penis – not a good idea). But with some creativity and common sense there are ways to safely introduce food into your most intimate foreplay.

Ways to Combine Food and Sex. I’ve spoken in generalities; now let’s talk about some of the specific ways and kinds of food that can be combined with hotel sex:

• Start subtly with a wonderful meal. Great food on its own can be a good way to prime the sensual engine. Enjoy the textures and tastes of each morsel. Some foods like oysters have long been considered an aphrodisiac. A small amount of alcohol can also help loosen your inhibitions. (Just keep the meal light as the real feast is sure to follow. A full, happy tummy is more conducive to napping than sex.)

• You can take this meal, or the dessert that follows and feed each other. There is something very sexy about receiving sweet little tidbits like whipped cream and fruit from the fingers of the one you love.

• This finger food play can then segue into mouth food play through deep kisses. Chocolate and champagne make a particularly stimulating shared treat.

• A fun way to heighten your senses is to blindfold your partner and surprise them with tastes of many different foods. Try sweet, salty and maybe even sour. Not knowing what might come next makes each flavour more intense.

• Ice is not technically a food, but it definitely adds a sensation all of its own. Cause shivers of delight by gliding an ice cube around breasts and nipples, down your lover’s back, between thighs, around their navel, or tap it lightly on extra sensitive spots like the clitoris. You can even put a cube in your mouth during oral sex and combine hot and cold in an especially delicious way.

• Body shots are a fun way to imbibe. Pour a favourite liquor or sparkling wine into your partner’s belly button and drink up. Tequila can also be followed up with some great kissing as you bite into the lemon they have been holding in their teeth.

• Fruit makes a sweet addition to sex. Cherries, strawberries, grapes, papaya, mango, and even grapefruit and oranges are good choices. Tell room service to make sure everything is well washed and cut into bite size pieces. It is good to share, sweeten a kiss or rub over each other’s bodies and lick off. You can even use frozen grapes like ice cubes.

• The suggestive shape of popsicles makes them fun to incorporate into sex. Men seem to get especially turned on watching their partners with these (suck don’t bite). Your freshly chilled mouth can then be applied to warm sensitive parts of your partner’s anatomy.

• Whipped cream may be a cliché when it comes to food and sex, but it is for a reason. Fun to share through kisses, fun to watch and feel being licked off your own body, whipped cream is a party all on its own.

• Syrup and honey can sweeten the sex. Although messy, it can be pleasurable to drizzle these confections on the skin and then slowly lick your partner clean. It can encourage you to go to places on your lover’s body you may not have considered before.

One Final Practical Note. Food foreplay is a lot of fun but it can be extremely messy. Despite housekeeping doing the tidying up after a night of hotel sex, there is still personal hygiene to consider. You don’t necessarily want to laminate yourselves together with foodstuffs. I suggest keeping mild wet wipes nearby and that a post coital shower or bath is lovely way to relax and end your decadent evening together.

Have fun and don’t forget to eat until you are both satisfied!

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