How to Lose Your Inhibitions

Hotel sex offers a great opportunity for unbridled passion and experimentation. If you are feeling inhibited, this can get in the way of a really good time. Maybe you were brought up to think that sex was bad and the human body dirty. Maybe you had a negative experience you can’t shake. Maybe you just feel self-conscious about your own body, how it looks, what it is capable of. Whatever your inhibitions are, whatever the source, they are all in your head. They have been learned and the good news is they can be unlearned. Hotel sex is the perfect retraining ground for your brain.

Couple KissingWant to be less inhibited. Deciding you want to lose or loosen up your inhibitions is a huge first step. By consciously wanting to be less inhibited your mind becomes more open and ready to tell the guilt, embarrassment and fear to go away. Don’t be pressured by a partner. This has to come from you. If this is what you want, then the sky is the limit.

Act less inhibited. It may feel awkward or stupid at first, but consciously acting more sexy helps retrain your brain to feel more sexy. Dress in clothes that feel good next to your naked skin and flatter your form. Use scents that are provocative and alluring. Take time to feel your body moving through your day. Drink every moment in with all your senses. Be flirtatious. Smile more. Soon you will find yourself more aroused, more aware, more sexy and ready for whatever comes next.

Study yourself. You may not have given much thought to what arouses you. With your new heightened awareness and openness, explore the sensual, sexual side of your self by yourself. Look through The Joy of Sex or one of Nancy Friday’s books like My Secret Garden or Men in Love. Mark the pages of the pictures or stories that titillate or intrigue you to share with your partner later. Take some time to get to know your own naked body. Look at yourself in the mirror or close your eyes and run your hands over your skin. Learn what feels good, what doesn’t. Now it’s time to share these discoveries.

Talk openly with your partner. As with every part of a relationship, communication is key. This is even truer with sex, especially where inhibitions are an issue. It is important to be honest about where you feel shy, guilty or afraid and what your innermost desires and fears are. Also be prepared to listen without judgement to your partner’s feelings and fantasies. This should be an ongoing dialogue that never stops. Turn-ons evolve as people mature which should keep your repertoire lively over the years.

Trust one another and be trustworthy. Don’t criticize or wince or laugh. Be open to new ideas even if they are outside your comfort zone; you may discover your partner’s fantasies and desires tap into a whole new world of sensual pleasure that you hadn’t even considered before. Be supportive and understanding of your loved one’s hesitations. Don’t pressure them. If you are both able to do these things then you’ve begun a very exciting journey together.

Take it a step at a time. These thought patterns took years to develop and won’t evaporate in one night. You need to be patient with yourself, with your partner. Take your time. A night of hotel sex is the perfect opportunity to slowly push yourself to your next sexual comfort level. Create a safe, relaxing place inside the hotel room where you both can let go and explore.

Hotel sex ideas

Here are some ideas for how to loosen up those inhibitions during your night of hotel sex:
• Give each other massages.
• Shower or bathe together.
• Play a sexy game.
• Turn off the lights.
• Wear a blindfold.
• Look at the Joy of Sex or a similar book together.
• Drink a glass or two of champagne and let nature take its course.

Good luck as you begin to open up your sexual and sensual horizons, both inside and outside of a hotel room. A world of pleasure awaits you.

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